Biology Update

I’ve added a page outline the biology class I’m teaching to my older and his friend. I’ll continue to update the page as we go along and plan to flesh out my outlines with more on the labs they’ve done. If you have specific questions regarding the plans, I’m glad to answer them.


2 thoughts on “Biology Update

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Just thought I share this …may be you already know. I think Life of Fred as a pre-algebra book with Biology focus…. I have not seen it myself, but heard from another family that their child felt it was meaningful fun math. I am not sure if that is something usable for you to do clubbing math and bio for your younger one..but just a thought. Your plan for your older sounds great! Are you adding labs to them?

  2. Yes, we’re doing weekly labs, and I’ll add those to the online list soon. Thanks for the information on the LOF with biology. I’ll take a look. Always glad to hear your ideas, Subadra. Thanks!

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