Snow Day

The snow finally came.  It’s a rare year when we reach February in southeastern Michigan without a six-inch plus snowfall, but this year was one.  The second week of February, about six inches came our way.  This Monday,  eight inches of excellent packing precipitation fell.  My older son finds this year’s weather frustrating:  record snowfalls on the East Coast, midwest storms with their usual frequency, and plenty of lake-effect snow on the other side of the state (“Can we move to Grand Haven, Mom?”).  It’s been a bummer of a winter for kids in our area.  Until now. 

Snow fort in progress. The boys made the blocks of snow with a cat litter container.


Both storms this month brought school closings en masse.  But, as I always tell my guys, our buses are still running.  They’re not amused, of course, and I’m usually pretty lenient when good “play snow” is out there.  I mean, I was young once…a long time ago.  So I gave them a snow day on the first storm of February, and I did it like the schools do now-a-days:  planned ahead and called off school before the first flakes hit the ground.  It was glorious.  When more snow hit the forecast for Monday, I held my ground.  Since the snow would be falling during the day, we could certainly be academically productive for the first half of the day.  At 12, he has much more work to do than my 8 year old, and we’d all like to be done before June. 

And they worked, kind of.  My older was distracted beyond the usual , working at a frantic pace turning out, well, less than stellar products.  The younger was a bit more focused, but his attention was on the quickly rising snow level.   Benevolently (to the boys and to me), I unleashed them in the late morning.  Other homeschooled friends from down the street soon joined the fun.  We resumed studies for a bit in the afternoon (the neighbors did the same), but focus was better after a few hours of hard work and harder play.  

Today, we we’re back on schedule.  Kind of.  The unfinished fort beckoned my older, and again he had a morning of angst and frustration.  How could he get back to that fort faster?  (Moving faster in the morning wasn’t the answer, it seems.)  I calmly held my ground and encouraged his concentration.   After all, our buses were running.  On days like these, are yours?


2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I passed your response on to my older son, who appreciated the words of praise. Snow is a delightful building medium despite its tempermental nature. Your blog pictures are lovely and your writing quite talented. (I like your mom’s blog, too.)
    The snow is fun, but I’m jealous of your sunshine, warmth, and greenery this time of year. Clouds, cold, and brown are wearing me out.
    Thanks for your comments.

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