A Spring Break of Sorts

I didn’t intend to give the boys the week off.  I intended to stay the course.  Well, at least the math and science courses.  My intentions, however, rarely dictate my reality.

The week brought my older and I a rather nasty cold, a four-box-of-tissue cold, complete with cough (both of us) and an asthma exacerbation (him).  My younger, who brought us the virus, escaped with a few days of sniffles and sore throat.  He claims he passed it to us so he could be done with it.  Seems to have worked.

The cold sapped my energy for instructing/guiding/cajoling/prodding and my older’s energy for anything at all.  As he’s wont to do, he took to the couch and made his misery known.  Aside from one geometry lesson and a bit of biology, he bailed on school work, took to the couch, and fully embraced his viral infiltration.  By Tuesday, after a trip to the doctor for him, I adjusted my expectations for the week and declared us on spring break. 

Late and lame.  Perhaps.  A relief to the boys and I?  Definitely.  We enjoyed a visit from friends, one of those delightful families that offers a friend for each of us.  My younger continued playing with friends and building battleships, cruisers, and planes for his Pearl Harbor replica, a project deserving its own post.  Friday, a generous soul came over and led my younger and I through Axis and Allies,a game my younger received for Christmas in 2008.  My younger and I only made it through the lengthy set-up in 2008, determining we’d do better with a guided tour of the game.  A year and a half later, we’ve had that tour and quite a bit of fun. (By the way, the Axis was on its way to victory when we called it quits six hours later.  While I have a “been there, done that” feeling about the game, he’s eagerly anticipating the next time B. comes over to play.)

By Friday, my older (who had no interest in Axis and Allies or any other games requiring an hour of set-up and a day or more of play) met up with his Science Friday buddies.  They’re working on plans for a forge, to be built in the abandoned sandbox behind one of their homes.  While not agreeing on a forge design, they made charcoal for fuel for the nonexistent forge.  By the end of the charcoal making (much time, little product), they’d at least agreed to stick with wood for forge fuel.

The boys are on a mini-vacation with their dad this weekend, extending break through Monday for them and for me.  And we all need it.  Spring break found us this year.  Next year, I’ll find it first.


One thought on “A Spring Break of Sorts

  1. Oh Sarah, sorry to hear that you guys are sick. But I think after all that you have been doing this semester, you all need a huge break! So, kick back and do relax with your favorite wine!!!
    Hope you all feel better soon! And do have a break for real!! Weather must be getting beautiful, no? Take some time for yourself and do something you love doing, when the boys are with their dad…
    Wishing you the best,

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