Biology 2009/2010 Outline Completed

I’ve finally gotten around to posting the complete outline for Biology, as taught to my son(12) and his friend (13).  I’d like to call it a labor of love, but it was sheer determination and stubborness on my part that saw the project through.  They learned a ton, easily passed their unofficial New York Regents test for Living Environment/Biology (which my father, a professor in Biology, assured me was a good standard to hold for an initial (non AP) biology class).  Neither child loves biology despite my efforts, and that’s okay with me.  They’ve been exposed, thought deeply, learned to write excellent lab reports, and worked on their study skills.  I’m proud of both of them and honored to be indentured on for their exploration of Chemistry this fall.  Plans for that will appear when I stop waffling about which text to use.  I’m looking at least three, including Thinkwell, and completely undecided.  I guess I know what I’ll be doing in August.  I hope these plans are helpful to someone out there.  Please feel free to contact me with questions, as I’m sure I’ve left some lab links and the like out.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Biology 2009/2010 Outline Completed

    • I hadn’t looked toward Singapore in awhile, Suji. My older and I used the primary science books the first year he was home, largely because the labs were “real”. We did a year of the Integrative Science after that, but the depth at that point (I think he was 9) wasn’t sufficient, and we both disliked how “integrative” it was. It just bounced around too much. I hadn’t looked at Singapore for him in awhile, and the info on line doesn’t tell me much. I’d love to hear from someone who’s used it, but the forums are pretty light on info. If you try it, review it for the masses. I’d trust your word!

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