I Don’t Know

I don’t know.  I must say that dozens (hundreds?) of times a day.  Some of the questions come from my children, especially my younger.  Some come from me.  Sure, we look some answers up, but if we interrupted ourselves dozens (hundreds?) of times a day to look up an answer on the computer, find the right book, call the right expert, we’d never even get our teeth brushed.  Generally, I figure that they’ll persist on the important questions and let the others go.  I’m glad to help look for answers, but Here’s what I’m facing.  Feel free to answer or just add your own “I don’t know’s” to the list.

  • How much does a horse cost?
  • How long do horses live?
  • Why do the ents call their meetings “Entmoots”?
  • Where did the entwives go?
  • Are we fiction or nonfiction?
  • Where is my bow?  The long one.  Not the short one.
  • Where are(is) my shoes/duct tape dagger/tiny tin foil ball I made last month/jacket?
  • What is for dinner?
  • Was the Earth planned or was it an accident (this, from my atheist child)?
  • Why do we celebrate Christmas if we don’t believe in the divinity of Jesus? (followed by a wish list)
  • Why did you crave chocolate cake when you were pregnant, Mom?
  • What happens when you die?
  • When did Tolkien die?
  • When will the guinea pigs die?
  • Why do I need to learn this trigonometry anyway?
  • When will the US fall?  All those other big civilizations fell.
  • When will this rash go away?
  • When can we go to Boston?
  • What’s the difference between corrosive and caustic?
  • Is it safe to mix barium nitrate and sulfuric acid?
  • Why do you have a headache, Mom?

Answers welcome, especially regarding the whereabouts of that dagger.


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