We’re Still Homeschooling. Really.

We’re still homeschooling this year.  I swear we are.  It doesn’t always look how I’d like it to look.  It doesn’t always sound like it when you ask my kids what they did today.  But we’re still homeschooling, even if:

  • We’re at yet another appointment for a doctor or therapist.  We’re learning what we can do to make the world a more comfortable place, plus we often learn a good dose of patience.
  • We’re at an appointment for the vet for our foster kittens.  A whole ‘nother lump of patience to learn here, plus neat vet stuff.
  • We’re still in our jammies at 1 pm.  We’re learning to listen to our bodies’ desire for coziness on these days that are way too cold to be spring.
  • We’re outside with friends, sword-fighting, running, or just hanging out.  We’re exploring how our bodies move (or for the oldest of this trio, how our bodies respond to unfamiliar movements).  We’re learning to communicate with others — yay for social skill practice time!
  • We’re at karate again, even when we don’t all want to be.  We’re learning to hang in when something is tough.  That’s a bonus to all the terrific (sometimes painful) self-defense skills we gain.
  • Some of us are losing ourselves in books, books no one assigned that don’t really further our mental growth but just take us away to somewhere else.  We’re learning that relaxation can be found on the printed page.
  • The boys are preparing for and performing in piano competitions and recitals.  They’re learning the discipline that comes with years of practice.
  • Between the rainstorms, we’re cleaning the remnants of winter from our yard, raking, weeding, and then sowing seeds.  We’re learning life is circular, with winter death giving way to new life in spring.
  • Sometimes, we’re bickering, whining, yelling, and complaining.  We’re learning moms, sons, and brothers have feelings, too.  We’re learning no one is perfect and that apologies help.
  • We’re settling in front of Netflix for the next episode of Merlin.  We’re finding common entertainment ground, which isn’t easy given our gender and age divides.
In between all that, there’s still a good amount of math, grammar, vocabulary, chemistry, and history being formally studied, although with admittedly less diligence than we mustered in the fall.  Creating lists like this one remind me that there’s more to our learning than the “What We Say We’re Doing” tab at the top of this blog.  There’s the rest of our living, and that counts, too.  Really.

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