NanoWriMo III.V: E-book Achieved

(Part I details how the process of writing began.  Part II and III recount the editing and publishing process.)

After posting that the process of turning my son’s  novel from NaNoWriMo 2011 into an e-book was either too pricey (via CreateSpace) or too much labor on my part, I took an hour and a half yesterday morning and got the job done.  Almost all of that time was spent reformatting, which is tedious work, but it’s done.  Only hours later, Grand River Hotel became available in Kindle edition, available to borrow for Amazon Prime members or for purchase for $0.99.  Kindle Direct Publishing lacks some of the hand-holding that CreateSpace does, but it is still an easy way to move a printed work to market quickly and for my favorite price — free.

Will his book become the next best-seller in children’s fiction?  No, and that’s not the point.  It’s powerful to see your name in print, to hold a volume of your work in your hands. It reinforces that thoughts and ideas can become a reality, even if in a small way.  It’s proof that hard work can yield tangible results.  And the process has been a learning opportunity for both of us:  he’s learned to polish a work, and I’ve learned how to navigate a bit of the self-publishing world.  The fruits of these labors reach far beyond this first book.


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