What We Say We’re Doing

What We Say We’re Doing

Plans for 2014/2015:

A.D. (age 17 — senior in high school) — First semester

  • Calculus 3 (Schoolcraft College)
  • Composition 2/Reasearch Paper Writing (Schoolcraft College)
  • Intro to Networking (Schoolcraft College
  • Academic Success (Edgenuity)
  • Theater (homeschool group)
  • Forensic Science Lab (homeschool group)

A.B. (age 13 — 8th grade) — First Semester

  • Chemistry: Let’s Not Burn Down the House
  • Singapore Math 3A and 3 B
  • Memoria Press: Second Form Latin
  • Online G3: Dystopian Fiction with Writing Option
  • Online G3: US History Through the Movies with Writing Option
  • Piano
  • Fencing
  • Toastmasters (homeschool group)
  • App Programming (homeschool group)

Here’s what our 2013/2014 year looked like after all the dust cleared. (It was that kind of fall.)

A.D (age 16)

A.B. (age 12)

  • Memoria Press: First Form Latin
  • Quarks and Quirks Biology with Lab
  • Online G3: Current Events
  • Online G3: Shakespeare Tragedies
  • Online G3: Shakespeare Comedies
  • Online G3: Animal Farm
  • Coursera: Animal Behavior
  • Coursera: Marine Biology
  • edX: Tropical Ecosystems
  • Piano
  • Singapore Math: Discovering Mathematics, 2A and 2B
  • Fencing
  • Jury Trial (homeschooling group)
  • Physical Education (homeschooling group)
  • Chess (homeschooling group)
  • Archeology/Research Paper writing (homeschooling group)

Here’s what we’re using as main texts and resources for the 2012/2013 school year.  Much about the second semester is unknown. What’s new this year is how much my older will be taking away from home. He’s certainly growing up.

A.D. (age 15) — second semester schedule incomplete

A.M. (age 11)

From 2011/2012:

A.D (age 14)

A.M. (age 10)

From 2010/2011:

A.D (age 13)

A.M.  (age 9)


And here is the 2009/2010 version:

A.D. (age 12)

A.B. (age 8 )

16 thoughts on “What We Say We’re Doing

  1. Thanks for all your info. It helps me a great deal in planning a curriculum for my daughter (9) and son (7) next year. Can you tell me if you have used the other curriculum bundle for A.B.’s biology… I think it was a chemistry bundle with critical thinking, etc in it… then the biology was separate. I was just wondering if you thought the biology would be a year long study, or would you be following up with something else from his website? Also, for A.D.. you chose a completely different set of biology books rather than the “real science 4 kids”.. so I wanted to hear your thoughts about that. 😉

    • I’m glad my experiences could help! With AB (my younger- age 8), I’ve used only the Biology I book and lab manual. He tags along for some of his big brother’s labs and soaks up info like crazy, so I chose RS4K because he wanted something of his own. My older, turning 13 next month (ack!) needed much more, as my goal was a high school level bio class. The RS4K alone would be pretty light, but supplementing along the way with more labs, books, and videos is certainly doable. I’m considering the Chem I or McHenry’s Chemistry next year for my younger, without the add-ons, and I’ll be piecing together a high school chem for my older (and his buddy). They’re pretty chem oriented, so keeping up will be my biggest challenge, along with not burning down the house. 😉 Hope that helps!

  2. I like how you label this as “What we SAY we’re doing”! It brings to light that, like most homeschoolers, we aren’t ALWAYS following a plan. We often shake things up and modify things as we go because that’s how life is!

  3. I’m curious if you think a 6th grader who has loved science when she did experiments and wants to learn more about chemistry would benefit from the Illustrated Guide to Home …. Is it too advanced? Thanks for your thoughts.

    • It depends on her chemistry knowledge, your comfort with the subject, and your interest into stocking quite a few supplies to make it happen. In my opinion, while the all lab idea is great, the book assumes a base of chemistry knowledge and some familiarity with lab work. The book has been in stock at our local Barnes and Noble, and I’d recommend a look at it first. That said, the labs are well done. My guys have had a blast. Both came into the book with some chemistry know-how but little formal education on the subject. My son had been using the Thames and Kosmos 3000 chem kit for six months, which may be a good step for your daughter. (It’s also fairly complete. I liked that!). Hope that helps!

  4. Hi! Thanks for sharing with all of us….I appreciate your “guidance”….esp. sharing curriculum/books/sites that I’ve never heard of! I do wonder why you stopped using the LOF (Life of Fred) series after the pre-algebra 1 and 2…..and your likes and dislikes of the books/program. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for all the great info on your site. When you did CPO Middle School Physical Science did you buy the equipment kit or find another, cheaper, way to do the activities? Thanks.

  6. I am looking for a science curriculum for my soon to be 8th grader next year. I have tried to find some more information about CPO Earth Science program, but opinions from homeschoolers are non-existent. From what I gather, it is a school textbook? I have been previously using Supercharged Science and I don’t love how I have to supplement to back up the experiments. It is a very fluid program and I personally need a little more structure, since science is not my strength. I am trying to gauge my time commitment with this program due to the fact that I don’t know how much of a self starter my 8th grader will be. Can you give me a little more guidance on this particular subject? Thank you.

  7. I have decided on Prentice Hall Earth Science for my 8th grader next year but I did not purchase the teacher’s notes due to cost. Can you give me some websites that were helpful to you with this subject? There is not much out there from a homeschooling perspective with this textbook and lab manual. I would love some guidance to get me through this course. I would appreciate any feedback you can give me. It appears you are a little more confident in the science world than I am.

    • I didn’t keep track of what I did for that class, as I’m a far better record-keeper when I’m teaching other people’s children along with my own than when I just teach my own. Netflix has some Earth Science videos which were helpful, and we hit the local library a good deal. I am confident when teaching science, but I’m not always a good record-keeper. Good luck!

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